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A graceful dancer reaching out with her right arm against a backdrop of vibrant performance lights

Photo by Jim Carmody


San Diego Dance Theater is a nonprofit performing arts organization located at the ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station in San Diego, California.


We are a modern dance company and school committed to providing a home to dancers of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures.


Our mission to provide access to professional training, performances, and programming representing diversity of all kinds is evident through our summer dance workshops, cross-border projects, and performances - including the long-standing crowd favorite, Trolley Dances™.

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September 16th-17th

A diverse group of dancers striking various poses, accompanied by the text 'Donate Today.' Encouraging donors to contribute to our organization by clicking the donation button

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A joyful and warm-hearted woman with a bright smile, her head slightly tilted to the side

"Let's make dance a way of life."

 - Terry Wilson, Executive Artistic Director

A serene landscape photo featuring six dancers in soft blue and white costumes. Their hands are linked, and they strike various poses against a backdrop of a blue painted brick wall.

"Modern dance excellence in performance and in the classroom.

Dance that breathes life into the people of our region and beyond."


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