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Five dancers can be seen performing.


Designed for dancers, this class is a mix of yoga and Pilates, combined with ballet and modern barre exercises, all done while seated or lying on the floor. But don’t be fooled by your position
on the mat; you will work hard! Using only your body weight, you will learn how to isolate the
working muscle while keeping the non-working muscles relaxed. With flowing movements, we will work every muscle from head to toe, exhausting and then stretching them to develop long, lean
muscles. A prescription for longevity, this class will help prevent injuries, while keeping your body strong and flexible, so you can keep dancing for years to come!

Six older dancers can be seen performing on stage while sitting in chairs.


Moving, flowing, breathing: body-mind exercises utilizing chair and mat work will restore balance and harmony, as well as increase strength, flexibility, and alignment. Classes will include variations of Pilates, Gyrokinesis®, stretching, and other somatic work.



This class is designed for those returning to dance, or for seniors interested in expression through dance and moving at a gentle flowing pace. The class begins with fundamental technique exercises that will warm up the whole body and increase strength, flexibility, balance and coordination.

Multiple dancers wearing tap shoes performing on stage.


This class is designed to help students improve musicality, rhythm and self expression. Students can expect to be led through a warm up, across the floor combinations and a fun center combination.

Multiple dancers performing on stage.


This class is a dance-inspired workout that is an alternative to barre and choreography-heavy dance cardio. It is a fusion of foundational dance technique (ballet, modern and contemporary forms) with functional movement (think squats, lunges, pushups), giving you a full body, soulful movement experience.
Class is in a structured format that builds on itself: a proper warmup, a well-balanced circuit, all building up to a dance phrase that fuses elements from the movements performed throughout the class's routine.
This class welcomes trained dancers and non-trained dancers alike and we are encouraged to move from a place of honor, joy and celebration!

Four dancers performing on the outside stage.


Students will explore avenues of movement into choreographic

studies. This class will rotate invited instructors to offer a rich environment of discussion, sharing and
creating. Students will be encouraged to find their artistic voices through mentorship and peer



SD Dance with Me is a children's dance program. Our recreational classes hope to give a safe environment in which children can develop independence, competence and strong self-esteem, as well as perfect their dancing and performance skills.

A single dancer performing on the outside stage in NTC park


Modern classes are structured with layered movements and dynamic oppositions that challenge both the body and the mind. Movers are tasked with technical aesthetics, floor work, alignment awareness, and dynamic phrase work.



Movement for Wellness offers the dancer of all ages, a chance to slow down, breathe and listen to the body and its needs. Somatic modalities are invited into sequences focusing on basic principles of Feldenkrais, Yoga, and core strengthening, along with gentle TheraBand and foam roller exercises. The benefits of Qi Gong and Tai Chi are incorporated as well. Emphasis is placed on moving with the breath and mindfulness, followed by quiet contemplation and meditation.  These classes are focused on self-care and also offer a unique opportunity to build community.



Dancers are led through an imagery and sensation-based improvisation practice warm up inspired by the Israeli movement language, Gaga, and somatic modalities. Then, imagery and sensation are put into context in dynamic choreography. Students will discover new freedom and textures in their movement as well as an invigorated sense of play.



Werkshop is a fun, energetic, and approachable cardio dance class. This class features upbeat choreography designed to make you feel empowered, confident, and fierce. For beginners and seasoned dancers alike, Werkshop is a class to move your body and express yourself in a non judgmental, safe space. The choreography is broken down into digestible steps that will help improve mind/body coordination and give you a great workout all while having so much fun.

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