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“We have to love the trolley because of Trolley Dances. In its 16th year, the dance trip created by Jean Isaacs and her San Diego Dance Theater is a balance of artistry and logistics, a journey that feeds the mind, body, and soul. Instead of a stage, audiences discovered dancers in odd places, such as pressed against a stairwell and bouncing off metal girders, which changes the way one views those places and surrounding communities.” (San Diego Story, Kris Eitland, 2014)

“Like many artists who have achieved longevity, Isaacs is an innovator who embraces experimentation and physical daring while honing movement that works.’ (U-T San Diego, Marcia Manna)

“As a dance leader and inspiration, Jean Isaacs ranks among the finest of San Diego choreographers… always trying out ‘new ideas’ and urging the dancers around her to do their best! Jean Isaacs latest project, was no different in her creative thrust and intention…” (Bravo San Diego, Rob Appel, 2008)

“Jean Isaacs has been a mother to many in San Diego. With Voices of San Diego Dance Theater, she celebrates the creative contributions of her children and her fellow choreographers. But it’s Mother’s Day, after all. So we celebrate her as well.” (, Brian Schaefer, 2008)

“Some women glow, not because they are pregnant, or in-love, but because they have followed their dream up and over the rainbow, and they never quit. Jean Isaacs is lead hipster of the dance community. Jean is an act of surprise. She continues to change the color of her rainbow.” (Artventures, Louellen Smiley, 2006)

“…one sits in the dark gasping over displays of physical strength and beauty of expression that are intrinsically wed to musical idioms.” (Village News, Charlene Baldridge, 2005)

“Some new dances… have injected new juice into the company. This is the tightest, most dynamic ensemble Isaacs has presented in years.” (SD Union-Tribune, Jennifer de Poyen, 2006)

“Work of this caliber deserves a much wider audience than a single weekend can possibly generate.” ( Cabaret Dances 2005

“Taken all together, the dance, the music elevated and celebrated the human spirit” (KPBS News, 2004) Song of Nyumbani

“…the emotional impetus of the dances – making you laugh one minute and putting a lump in your throat another – is neither diminished nor eclipsed by its cabaret package.” (Night and Day, David Coddon) Cabaret Dances 2003

“Choreographically intelligent dances and sharp, speedy dancers made Jean Isaacs’ San Diego Dance Theater a welcome visitor on Friday night.” (The New York Times, Jack Anderson, 2001) DANCE: Access, Danspace at St. Marks Church

“A Geography of Risk, set to spoken excerpts from travel guidebooks, was a little masterpiece. Dense with dramatic symbols, its headlong duets and clear massed dances snapped like rubber bands – fun, delicate, dangerous.” (The Village Voice, Alicia Mosier, 2002) DANCE: Access, Danspace at St. Marks Church

“Trolley Dances is a terrific project, one that animates and ameliorates urban space and gets people talking as the best art does.” (The San Diego Union-Tribune, Anne Marie Welsh, 2000) Trolley Dances 2000

“…thoughtful, turbulent …raised intriguing questions about our society’s ever-shifting stereotypes of desirability: who’s the seeker, who’s the sought-after, and the insecurity accompanying both roles.” (LA Times, Lewis Segal, 2000) American Beauty

“The actors are called upon to hurl themselves about in remarkably vigorous fashion… a fiercely violent ballet with bruising collisions and falls, conducting to screaming speechifying about the irksome qualities of the opposite sex.” (New York Times, Bruce Weber, 4-4-00), Big Love

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