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"Duck&Snaith / HERE WE ARE"

Internationally renowned dance artists Katie Duck, Amsterdam, and Yolande Snaith, San Diego, present a collaborative evening that reveals the live body within a sonic, imaginal and meaningful theatre space.

Katie Duck and Yolande Snaith met in England in the mid 80's. They shared an artistic interest in using objects, music and text alongside their dance, performance and choreography backgrounds. They also shared a continuing research in how improvisation is not the antitheses of composition but rather a means by which performers can maintain a live presence. Over the years both Katie and Yolande developed their respective performance practices and artistic work, with extensive interantional touring, commissions and residencies. They met again in 2008 in San Diego and have continued to pursue their collaborative interests in the form of workshops, studio sessions and improvisation performances in Amsterdam and San Diego. Katie Duck (63) and Yolande Snaith (55) have relentlessly continued to conduct their research as professional choreographers, teachers and performers. They have a rich background accumulated from the years of insisting to experiment in their projects. Under the pressures of the shifting tides that have effected the field of dance and the professional performance arts generally, they have resisted temporary trends in exchange for their artistic research and vision for live art to reveal a live body in a meaningful theatre space.

“Snaith is an arch manipulator of scale, a shape shifter, a theatre poet. She and her collaborators create extraordinary sounds and images . . .” The Observer, UK

"Katie Duck, with her magnetic presence, draws all the attention on her dancing and performance. All eyes are fixed on her as she emanates a halo that provokes the vibration of the public.” Judith Mackrell (UK)

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Saturday, May 2. 7:30 pm


Tickets: $20

Buy a festival pass. Full access to ALL peformances: $100

All tickets will be held at Will Call.

**Master Class Workshop with Katie Duck
April 25 & 26. 12 Noon - 4 PM

Full Weekend - General $60 / Student $40. One day only - Regular $30 / Students $20.
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One Day or Two Day Workshop

Katie Duck workshop Katie Duck has been investigating theatre, dance and music with live performance for 35 years. She has been teaching since she began to perform professionally in the mid 70′s. She is dedicated to how process and research play a major role in how one can continue to, not only maintain a career in the arts but as well, be artistic in how they approach their life and their work.

Katie has had the possibility to create material for her workshops our of a wide range of practice in the performance arts. She has never formulated her teaching material into a frozen body of knowledge. She does not believe that the accumulation of knowledge is how one becomes a teacher. She believes that it is out of her practice and the practice she witnesses with a student that all knowledge becomes clarified in the lessons she leading. Now in her 60′s, Katie has been teaching private workshops and in prestigious University systems for over 35 years. Her enthusiasm for a young artists to be able to continue their practice, in a very different atmosphere than when she began her work, is evident in how she has continued to up grade her life style with new technologies, continued to do research in the sciences, the performance arts and music. She has created several projects with an aim to support a young artists rather than her own career. She continues to take risks with her own career in the support of young artists giving them the possibility to experiment within their own practice. In her workshop, she takes a microscopic view on the role improvisation plays in a live performance combining her background in the performing arts with her curiosity for advances in brain studies, music and movement research.

Photos by Tim Richards.