Aging Creatively

Aging Creatively

Class members explore movement and learn group choreography.


Aging Creatively with Dance

Tuesday, 10:45 am - 11:45, Musical Theater Jazz Dance with Gail Mitchell.
Wednesday, 10 am - 11 am, with Yvonne Gagliardo.
Thursday, 10:30 am - 11:30 am, with Kathryn Scheidegger.
Friday, 1 pm - 2 pm, Beginning Tap with Andromeda Bradley.
Friday, 2 pm - 3 pm, Intermediate Tap with Andromeda Bradley.

Call for Details: 619-225-1803

Six times per week San Diego Dance Theater hosts an "Aging Creatively" dance class. This hour-long class is specifically designed for moving bodies, ages 60-99. The class is adapted to accommodate the physical needs of the students (i.e. use of chairs, walls to hold onto, etc) and concludes with a coffee social. Students are encouraged to write journal entries about any memories or life stories that are triggered from the movements generated in class.